ConVersation 2008 Ribbon Order

Ribbons ... oh we love ribbons ... ribbons everywhere!
Satisfy your inner ribbon whore and place your order now!


If you want to still try to order your own ribbons,
please go to Larsen's Award Ribbons.
Hurry though, as rush charges will probably apply.

Available ribbon colors are:
Blue, Light Blue, Red, Rose, Yellow, Gold, White, Gray, Silver, Pink, Maroon, Emerald Green,
Light Green, Purple, Lilac, Dark Brown, Cream, Orange, Black, Hunter Green, Teal.
Multi-Color ribbons available:  Rainbow, Red/White/Blue

Available text colors are:
Gold, Silver, Black, White, Blue, Green, Red, Copper.

Ribbon pricing is as follows:
(pricing has gone up from last time, sorry, out of our hands)

ribbon style #F116

Quantity Price
1-99 $ .65
100-499 $ .24
500-999 $ .19
1000-4999 $ .17
5000+ $ .14

Important: A Line Change charge of $2.00 will be applied to each different
ribbon phrase you order so make sure you add this into your order total.

Fonts and Spaces available for F-116 (4x2" Horizontal Printing)
18 point   -   @ 30 spaces (upper & lower case)
24 point   -   @ 20 spaces (upper & lower case)
30 point   -   @ 18-19 spaces (upper & lower case)
36 wide   -    @ 9 spaces (upper case only)


Print out this order form and fill it out.
Mail it with your full payment in the form of a money order payable to:
John Matthews
1401 Key West Drive
Troy, MI  48083-1055
djbrick AT

Sorry but money orders will be the only form of payment accepted!
Of course, if you place your order with me in person, I will accept ca$h.
You can place your order with me in person at most any MOFO gathering.

You are responsible for adding up your total.  Use the above pricing chart and remember
about the extra charge for other text colors if you request them.

If we get enough orders, we will qualify for one of the quantity discounts.
We will not know this until I place the actual order.
So, you may actually get some money back when you pick up your ribbons at the con
or you can  donate the difference to ConVersation ... yeah that's the ticket :-)

REMEMBER: Your order & payment must be sent to me / postmarked by June 23, 2008!
After that date you will be responsible for placing your own order and at that point
you will probably be paying a rush charge with expedited shipping cost as well!
If you miss the deadline and need to place your own order then visit Larsen's Award

You may pick up your ribbons at the registration table in the hotel lobby Friday July 25
between 3pm and 8pm.  Thereafter, you can pick them up in the Consuite when registration
moves there Friday at 8pm.  Just ask for me, DJ_Brick, your illustrious Con Chair.

Any questions on the ordering process ... djbrick AT

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