ConVersation 2008 Honorary ConCom Members
To get an Honorary ConCom title, pre reg today!
There's a space on our pre-reg form for you to select your Honorary ConCom title.
We'll even print your title on your badge for you!  What more could you ask for?
Remember, you must pre-reg to get a title.

The following titles are already taken:

Professional Organizer - Sue Probert

Waste Of Energy - Russ Cage

Procurer Of Guns, Liquor, Baby Needs - Johnny Skosnik

Director Of Daikaiju - Jeff Arnett

Dragon Wrangler - Susan Harris

The Emperor Of Curry - Gerald Gentry

The Weaver's Apprentice - Jeri Rossiter

Official Con Dog Liaison - Kimba Wilson

Con Dog Daddy - Ron Wilson

Mistress Of Nakedness - Kathryn O'Connor

Master - Chuck Child

Mistress Of Non-Sequitur - Rachel Weisenfeld

Mistress Of Fire - Keri Springer

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