ConVersation 2008 Guests Of Honor
To be a Guest Of Honor, enclose an extra $5 when you pre-register.  Do it today!

There's a space on our snail mail or online registration form for you to select your G.O.H. title.
We'll even print your title on your badge for you!  What more could you ask for?

So you want more huh?  Ok then, if you fork over the extra $5 to be a G.O.H., then you
can have your picture and bio printed up in our program book!  Yes we actually have a
program book!  You can write your own bio too and you don't have to pull a Jack Webb and stick to
the facts, just the facts ... no ... the sillier the better :-)  Our program book is all about fun!

To be included in our 2008 program book, we must have your pic(s) and bio
no later than June 30, 2008!

Please submit pics in an uncompressed format like .tiff
and submit your bio in a simple text format like .txt
Send submissions to djbrick at with the subject line:
CV2008 Program Book Submission.


Our 2008 G.O.H.'s are:

Minister Of Time Travel - Mike Gardiner

GOH Away - Johnny Skosnik

Guest Of Guest Of Honor - Jeff Arnett

Author, King Of The Britons - Gerald Gentry

The Synthesized GOH - Greg Barker

Do Not Pass GOH - Bill Putt

Queen Of Hugs-Peasant Of Onions - Debbie Rigdon-Smith

Official Con Dog - Charisma "Chrissy" Wilson


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