Please print this form and fill it out completely. PLEASE remember to print clearly, as we must be able to read your information in order to correctly process your registration.  

NAME: ________________________________   NICKNAME FOR BADGE: ______________________________

E-MAIL: ____________________________________________________________________   

ADDRESS: ________________________________________________________________________________________  

CITY: ______________________________  STATE/PROV: ______  ZIP/POSTAL CODE: ______________________

PHONE #: (               )  __________ - _______________


All pre-regs have the option of choosing an honorary Con Com Title. For example, Minister of Relaxing, Mistress of Hotness, that we will print on a special badge. This is completely honorary and for fun and we will not require any duties of you, unless you want to volunteer :-). Titles are 1st come, 1st serve. We will be posting the names on the "Honorary ConCom" section of our web site to enable you to see what titles have already been taken. If you would like to choose this option (and who wouldn't), please fill in the next line.

HONORARY CON COM TITLE: ________________________________________________________________

For a $5 bribe, you can have an honorary "Guest of Honor" title (not to be confused with the "Honorary Con Com" title).
This can be something like "B.S. Guest Of Honor", etc. These will be posted on the "G.O.H." section of our website.

GUEST OF HONOR TITLE:____________________________________________________________________

Please mail this form and your payment to:         ConVersation 2008
                                                                                1401 Key West Drive  
                                                                                Troy, MI  48083

Please make checks and money orders payable to: John W. Matthews or ConVersation

Registration Rates: (rates are the same for everyone regardless of age)

Effective Dates 

Now until 3/29/2008

3/30/2008 to 7/6/2008

to the con
Rate $25.00 $30.00 $35.00
1 day badges are always $15.  Saturday badges include Sunday.

Register at any M.O.F.O. gathering for $5 off the current registration price!  This special good from now to the con!

Register at High Voltage ConFusion for $20.00. More info at 
Register at PenguiCon 6.0 for $25.00. More info at 
Register at the door at ConVersation 2008 for $35.00. More info at

Please note that if payment is sent by conventional mail, it must be postmarked prior to the end of the applicable pre-registration period in order to guarantee that particular pre-registration rate.