ConVersation relaxes it's "16 & Older" rule...


For the first year of ConVersation, those of us on the con-com decided that we wanted ConVersation to be an adults-only convention.  We had some good reasons for this decision at the time based on what we had seen and experienced at the other conventions we attend.  Such as instances of children being left unattended by their parents and sometimes turning up in areas where more adult things were going on, things that might require some kind of parental guidance.  And, yes I must say it, such unattended children (not all, but some) do sometimes behave inappropriately and provide a great deal of annoyance to other con goers.

In the intervening time since ConVersation 2006, we have heard from several people who expressed interest in coming to ConVersation if they were allowed to bring their children.  So, for 2008 we are relaxing our "16 & Over" rule considerably.  It will now be "suggested" rather than "enforced".  We want everyone who attends ConVersation to be able to "relax" and feel comfortable so we ask that if you intend to bring children under the age of 16 to ConVersation, they be under parental supervision at all times and that if a child does cause problems (such as unacceptable behavior, annoying other con goers, excessively crying infants, etc.), a con-com member will ask the parent-in-charge to remove that child to his or her private room.  Obviously, the same goes for any adults found to be causing trouble though we don't expect that will happen.  We don't want to be dictators about this, we just want everyone to have fun and make ConVersation something that they enjoy and will attend every year.

All the best and I hope to see you there!

John W. Matthews (aka DJ_Brick)
ConChair for ConVersation 2008

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